Jean Gavril is a Romanian artist that wins the heart of the free-spirited music lovers. He transcends in his music his unfiltered emotions, combined with his free spirit, giving his art a reminiscence of Woodstock and adding a subtle influence from the 60s pop and funk music.

He learned to play the guitar since he was a child and started to know the stage since high school, when he was sustaining concerts in locals across Constanta, his home city.

His first hits, “Totul sau nimic”, “Tocuri” and “Fata, bea cu mine”, brought him notoriety shortly after their release and made his 4th song, “Oh, Ramona”, the official soundtrack for the movie that holds the same name.

Jean always expands his artistic ways which makes it hard to rank his music between the specific lines of a genre. Moreover, for Jean it never was about conforming with trends, but about living life at the most complex level: “From the artistic point of view, I know I have some things to say and some things to do. I remain honest to my music and to my feelings and I will always live life in the same way. As a person, I am aware that I’m like most people. This being said, why should I be afraid and hide behind something we all ache for?” – Jean Gavril