A rather new face in the musical landscape, but with a huge Latin fanbase that counts over 800k followers on social media, Oana mixes pop, trap and latino, creating her one of a kind sound along the way.

Oana moved to Spain when she was 13 years old. In order to help her family, she started working from an early age, while graduating high school, and somehow she had the time to discover her passion for music in this process.

Her first taste of “fame” came when she was only 18 years of age. She was noticed by a casting agent and was offered a model job in a music video. Later on, during a trip in Ecuador, her beauty drew the attention of a national television channel that signed her right away. She was a part of TV shows such as “Combate”, “Atrevidos” and “Soy el Mejor VIP”, helping her amass a following of almost 1 million people on social media.

She made the decision to put her TV career on hold for her true passion, music. Oana moved back to Spain and reached out to the Grammy-nominated producer Costi Ionita. Their musical chemistry can be felt on Oana’s debut single, “Duro”, released in May 2019. The song had an overall positive reception from the music industry both in Romania and Latin America. It debuted at #2 in the iTunes Ecuador Chart, while also being included in Spotify’s most followed playlists from Latin America: New Music Friday Latin America, Viral Chart Ecuador, Viral Chart Argentina, Pachangueo & Nuevo Flow. “Duro” also peaked insite the Top 50 Shazam charts in both Romania and Ecuador.

“Yo no Quiero” followed soon afterwards, showcasing the singer’s urban side, mixing her latino influences with an urban sound.

Her latest release, “Recuerdo”, followed the urban-latino recipe from “Yo no Quiero” and illustrates a complicated love story which stopped being a priority.