Paul Iorga is a Romanian producer, topliner and artist. Growing up in a family of musicians, Paul first approached music during his childhood as an alternative to video games. His father, Leo Iorga, is one of the most famous rock voices from the Romanian scene, fronting the legendary band Compact during the years known as the golden era of the band.

His first taste of success came at the age of 15, when he produced the chart-topping rap hit “Domnisoare” (Maximilian featuring Zhao). The song’s success attracted a lot of attention from the Romanian Hip Hop world, with the young producer quickly becoming the talk of the industry, collaborating with household names such as Nane, Criss Blaziny and Tranda. Nowadays, Paul became one of the most in demand producers in the industry.

Another chart-topping single came in 2018, when he produced Andra and Connect-R’s hit, “Semne”. Shortly afer, Paul was appointed as Inna’s musical adviser during her tenure as a coach on The Voice Kids.

Most recently, Paul decided to step into the spotlight with his solo project, which debuted in May 2019.